Monday 8-11-14

Cross Traning Day = Little Mountain Hike

Instead of schlopping into the gym this morning for the normal elliptical workout, we decided to head out to a little mountain in the next town over, Pack Monadnock.  My wife and 9 year old took our time heading to the top, walked around a bit and headed down a different trail that dropped us off at the same parking lot.  I’m still trying to collect as much data as possible with the new watch, so I tracked our hikes up and down the mountain.  Gorgeous day with no ankle twists, so everything went great!

It’s really a fun, quick, easy hike and has some great views of the area, including the larger Mount Monadnock and sometimes (not today) Boston.

Sunday 8-10-14

Active Recovery Run

Map My Fitness

Garmin Connect

Today was my first attempt at using the Garmin Connect calendar synced with the watch to keep me at the proper pace for the right amount of time and for the most part, it did it’s  job.  When I first started the workout, it took a while for the gps to catch up and record my pace correctly.  It was telling me that I needed to speed up because I was going at about an 11 min/mile and I know that was way off.  It took about a half mile to square up and read correctly.  Another problem I encountered with the recording of the run, was that it didn’t record my mile splits.  Not sure if it’s because I had the workout entered as a “recovery” or what, but there isn’t a breakdown and that sorta pisses me off.  It’s just that I’m all-in for numbers and tracking and not having mile splits bugs me.  While I was running, I also noticed that my watch didn’t alert me at each mile like it did yesterday.  I’ll do a little more research today to try and figure out what I did wrong.

Tomorrow is cross training day and I’m going to try to hit the bike or elliptical.  There’s an outside chance that we’ll be climbing the mountain tomorrow, which would be way more fun.  We’ll see.  Happy Sunday everyone and hope all you racers out there today are rocking  new PRs!


I just checked out my import to Map My Fitness from today’s run and it shows my mile splits over there, but still not in Garmin Connect, too weird.  Now I have some real researching to do.

Avg Pace
Summary 40:00 4.2 9:24
1 9:29 1.00 9:32
2 9:22 1.00 9:25
3 9:22 1.00 9:14
4 9:18 1.00 9:07
4.2 2:19 0.2 9:21


Saturday 8-9-14

Saturday Long Run

Well shit, I now own a GPS watch, and well, I went with the Garmin Forerunner 620, AND I effing love it so far.  It’s only been 1 day and 1 run, but I can see a very tight relationship forming here.  I’ll probably get into the watch in a “general hogwash” post later, ’cause I’m here to write about my Saturday long run.  I’m having problems importing my run from Garmin Connect to Map My Run, so the link today shoots over to my new Garmin Connect log.

Avg Pace
Summary 52:40.9 6.01 8:46
1 8:38.6 1.00 8:39
2 8:45.5 1.00 8:46
3 9:01.6 1.00 9:02
4 8:46.2 1.00 8:46
5 8:36.9 1.00 8:37
6 8:49.5 1.00 8:50
7 :02.5 0.01 8:00

This is the farthest I’ve ever run.  This is one of those personal triumphs that doesn’t mean much to a lot of other people, but to me, it’s a pretty significant accomplishment.  Being able to run for 6 miles at a pace that isn’t crazy slow, gives me the confidence that I’m doing well with my training.  The plan was to take it easy last night, but that didn’t exactly happen.  A real decent guy who works (worked) in our local coffee shop is moving today, so some of us went out last night to buy him a drink and see him off.  I didn’t over do it, only 5 or 6 pints and I was home by 9:30, but I still think it had a bit of effect on my run this morning.  The beginning of it anyway.  I also realized, too late, that we were out of OJ, so I didn’t have that this morning either.  Not having my normal breakfast and the new watch and a tad of a hangover made the time between when I woke up at 5:15 and when I started my run, almost an hour later, a bit more frazzled than I would have liked.  It was another beautiful morning and am super glad I still ran… at this point though, the idea of not running is so bonkers I can’t really even consider it.

Tomorrow is the kids birthday, she’s turning 9 and we’re having a little family get together in the afternoon.  I have a 40 minute recovery run scheduled for tomorrow and plan on doing it early, like 6am early, so I’ll have plenty of time to get home and shower before she even wakes up.